Mikrosaray- our first client

Finedays is rapidly growing IT Security consulting and crafted business data solutions provider.

The company was established in August, 2014. Our first client was Mikrosaray - Turkish cash register importer. Due to the new fiscal cash register law in Turkey all cash registers of every manufacturer or importer should operate connected to Trusted Service Manager(TSM) - an infrastructure of servers and network devices that is managing all of the communication and online services of the cash registers. Since the TSM has to provide secure communication channel to banks services, it is mandatory to be PCI-DSS certified. We designed the entire infrastructure and developed all the services in compliance with the PCI-DSS standard and our client was successfully certified in September.

Mikrosaray had the first TSM with PCI-DSS certificate in Turkey and our service become recognized in the sector. Shortly after we performed successful PCI-DSS consulting for two new valuable clients:  Infoteks and Profilo - biggest so far, with 700, 000 cash registers working on the market.

Being able to provide quality and accurate expert service, has brought us more customers within the banking sector. Until now we had performed six PCI-DSS scans of TEB services and we have consulted the BKM for their secure remote key injection compliable with the latest requirements by VISA. Our business network is rapidly growing and from 15th of January until 18th we held the First Security and IT Business summit for the South Balkans with participants from: Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Norway.

Few projects are in development since the summit, with main focus of data integration in the financial and payment industries. 


Finedays for fine days

We established Finedays with a vision that the next generation IT solutions are systems integrating the data flow and business logic, but always with IT Security in mind.

Led by this vision, in a very short period of time our enterprise partners realized that the team knowledge and flexibility are more important than its size. We won the trust and within an year period we are already operating over the whole South Balkans and Turkey regions providing our partners with tailored, state-of-art and on the edge of innovation, highly competitive and fast IT solutions and IT designs.

With open minded approach, we are building technology bridges on foundation of trust and security. Bringing the experience from the classic 20 century model to the new IT environment, we are delivering complete solution and consultancy about technology and market transitions – keeping them open but also secure.

Since we mentioned that the security is an inseparable part of the new IT system process, we can state our commitment on testing and when required certifying the final product against well-known security standards.

Finedays successfully completed several PCI-DSS pre-audits and we were the first getting the PCI-DSS ver.3 certified solution in Turkey ever.

We are the trusted partner, the security and PCI-DSS consultant and the team you want to delegate the process of business integration and data management. We will develop for you custom software solutions when needed or customize from small to enterprise level ready business instruments, based on your unique business model and requirements.

We are here to bring you The Finedays approach with the ace team and specialists. We are here to ensure fine days for you and your business by bringing your focus on the business itself.



The first in Europe cyberschool in Sofia trams

FineDays supported the initiative of cyberschool in Sofia trams


How to protect our digital devices from viruses, why everything that’s for free usually turns out to be very expensive and what to watch out for while we are logged into our social networks 24/7. Why we all get hit by cyber bullies and how to deal with those online sharks?

These priceless advices are brought to everyone using tram line №7 in Sofia. The digital security project is the first in Europe revealed in the public transport. The project was implemented with the help of the US Embassy in Bulgaria. The initiative and realization are accomplished by the Bulgarian digital cybersecurity school safer.bg and FineDays Ltd. as a partner.

Learn more about the innovative project on safer.bg 

Cybersecurity lecture at CEZ Bulgaria

How to have the good virtual monster GOLEM on our side? To whom we can tell our password? Why we shouldn't accept presents on the Internet? That's what the children of the employees at CEZ Bulgaria learned during the funny educational session, led by Jasen Tanev, Cybersecurity expert, FineDays Ltd. To the group in age 8-14 years was explained how important it is to keep safe from viruses and spies the digital devices at home, beacuse their parents’ work may suffer seriously by the children's negligence. After the lesson the children understood that even the most innocent game can have big consequences if they don't obey the golden rule of Internet life- STOP.THINK.CONNECT. 

Restaurant Of The Future

Restaurant of the future is not at the end of the Universe, but in Sofia

When we say “Restaurant of the future” a lot of people imagine “Restaurant at the end of the Universe”. The restaurant we are going to tell you about is not imaginary flight. It is right here- in Sofia. The technologies are already created, we just need to link the good managers with the modern providers of communication services.

This meeting was held on the 21.01.2016, hosted by the two companies FineDays and Trinity Soft. Over 50 owners and managers of the best restaurants, fast food chains and hotels attended presentation led by lecturers from Bulgaria, Switzerland, United Kingdom and The United States of America.

The Swiss company TC POS crashed the image that restaurants can not offer variety of services, without following strict rules.  The experts presented an intelligent system, which is adapting as human being- at the morning “drinking coffee”, at noon measures how hungry are the clients, at the evening plays chill out music with bottle of good wine. The system is even smarter than you think- it can remember client’s birthday, special events and applies discounts.

Of course the heart of one restaurant is the master chef. He is the director of this complicated orchestra from machines, people and food. The master chef should have control over everything as a machine does- cooking time, orders, bookings, stock, supplies, in order to have a well-functioning process.

World-famous expert Michael Wright, Channel Development Manager at Call System Technology, United Kingdom, shared his best practices from classic English management to implementing the latest technologies in the kitchen. Michael became best friends with all master chefs, as he has shown them how to have more time for creativity and how not to worry about the kitchen when having a day off.

Is the restaurant of the future able to survive without the latest payment trends?

VISA took the opportunity to show how and the entire cashier desk is transformed into handheld terminal, a size of a phone and how this is the perfect solution for food delivery. It is crucial to offer payments via smartphone and get bonuses and discounts!

This fantastic process should be Smart, the data has to be protected and stored on a safe place. Microsoft have already invented it and the result is that everyone is doing his own job.

Nowadays the business can not exist without the social media and free Wi-Fi, said Simon Feek, Managing Director of Thunder Box UK. He taught the gourmet specialists how to use the WiFi to attract new clients and how to use Google engine to be found easier.

Did you know that waiters have used the services of cyber pirates to manipulate rerecords? Or that there is hacked free Wi-Fi used to collect clients passwords, all that in a famous bistro in Sofia? Yasen Tanev knows all the hot stories: CSI - Straight out of the kitchen, and how to deal with internet bullies. 

STOP. THINK. CONNECT. official partner

08.01.2016 FineDays Ltd. has announced that it has signed on as a partner of STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the global cybersecurity awareness campaign, to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online.

The campaign’s three easy, actionable steps: STOP. THINK. CONNECT. are easy to understand and apply. STOP. THINK. CONNECT. also advises all Internet users to take security measures, understand the consequences of their behavior and actions and enjoy the benefits of the Internet. Here are some additional tips and advice:

  • Keep a Clean Machine: Make sure all your devices have the latest operating system, software, web browsers, apps, and anti-virus protection. This is one of the best defenses against malware and other online threats.
  • Get Two Steps Ahead: Add layers of security to your email, social networks and other online accounts by enabling 2-step authentication. Learn how at: https://stopthinkconnect.org/2stepsahead.
  • Own Your Online Presence: Customize privacy and security settings on social media and other websites to your comfort level for information sharing. It’s okay to limit how and with whom you share information.
  • Protect Your Personal Information: Use caution when using WiFi hotspots or an open Internet connection. You should never shop, bank or enter personal/financial information over unsecured WiFi. A good rule of thumb: If you have to enter a username/password on a website, wait until you are sure you have a secure connection.
  • When In Doubt, Throw It Out: Links in emails, tweets, online ads, text messages and other forms of communication are ways that cybercriminals can compromise your device and gain access to personal information. If it looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true- even if you know the source- it’s best to delete or mark as junk mail.
  • Transparency Builds Trust: Business should be open and honest about how they collect, use and share consumers’ personal information. Think about how the consumer may expect their data to be used. Privacy practices that are perceived as bad or “creepy” can harm your company’s reputation. 

Digital hygiene

How to protect ourselves on the Internet, what's the difference between Caribbean pirates and cyber pirates, to whom we can tell our password, why we should't talk to strangers and eat food from the ground? That's what the children from Children's academy of science got the chance to understand better. They where all part of the initiative "Digital hygiene", developed from FineDays Ltd. specially for them!

Profilo & Infoteks PCI DSS Audits

Our continuous work with manufacturers of fiscal devices, combined with PCI Wizard methodology led us to our next PCI DSS audits in Ankara, Turkey. Infoteks and Profilo are leading companies in the field of electronic devices, fiscal devices, POS software and payment solutions. Those audits guaranteed solid current infrastructure and new secure centers for their services.Crucial here is not the significance of the reserve center itself, which is identical copies of the main, but the understanding of the client towards PCI DSS security approach.

Systematically discussed topics on the training sessions where: What are the requirements of PCI DSS standard? How to deal correctly with the mandatory documentation? How to handle each client’s documentation?

PCI DSS compliance is not only a heavy process, but valuable client dedication, based on data protection.

PCI DSS standard is one step closer to everyone, which is our mission and social engagement, while guaranteeing save payment process to nowadays’ “smart” people. Each web based payment platform which is PCI DSS certified minimizes the risk of breaches and stealing personal (credit/ debit card) data close to zero.

The audits were successfully completed and Finedays Ltd. granted its role as a main partner to the second biggest PCI DSS auditor in Turkey. Our competences in the field of fiscal devices and cash registers makes us the desired consultancy provider and this is a circumstance we are more than grateful to underline. 

VISA Digital Days 2015 Bucharest, Romania

Finedays was part of the summit VISA Digital Days 2015, which took place in Bucharest, Romania. We were seen as a company presenting innovative and functional solution based on a niche personal payment devices- mPOS. The obtainable solution reveals a complete service cycle – Mobile PIN pad terminal, connected to a smart device (tablet of phone), payment platform and application both for the merchant and the customer.

Our solution was presented from Petar Krilchev, Manager VISA Bulgaria, as a good example of an outstanding, effective and complete mPOS platform. Manufacturers and business representatives found the presentation very thought-provoking and brought the discussion to the next generation payment methods and systems.

Such event would not be comprehensive enought without the emerging matter of data security and exposure to threats of every new payment technology. Main topics were IoT, WEB, biometrics, etc. The interest in those brand new payment solutions grows coherently with the interest in security breaches and hacker attacks.
The conclusion to include and apply security standards into legal frameworks was taken into consideration.

As essential accent were presented VISA’s innovative approaches to payment services – BuyNow, PayAndClick, PayAndPick, etc. 

Farewell to Thomas Bruns, Commercial Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria

Being part of the Farewell event on the end of the term of Thomas Bruns, Commercial Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria was a great honor for the entire team of Finedays. The invitation was valuation of our partnership with the institution, supporting the small and medium enterprises developing cyber security solutions and applying the good practices against fraud. We had the chance to express our gratitude towards Thomas Bruns and his team giving us the possibility to work together with the U.S. Embassy on various cooperative projects. We had the opportunity to meet representatives of several U.S. companies and institutions and exchange thoughts in favor of cybercrime prevention and prohibition.