Cyber hygiene experts


Finedays Ltd. Has taken the initiative to support globally as well locally the cyber hygiene. We have organized open lectures and discussion about the importance of personal data security in couple of schools in Sofia region. We have met children form different ages from primary school to graduates in order to understand where the threat comes from and how we can be most helpful to protect our children. Pointing out the basic social habits and practices to survive the growing cyber world we have drown the necessity frame which can protect the future generation and their exploring mind. Of course we have underlined the common risks and thoughtfulness- how, were and why we should protect our personal information. In return we have received drawings of cyber piracy and computer viruses from our audience unfolding their understanding of cyber hygiene which was a great feedback for our future lectures and researches.

The initiative is led from the two organizations “Future is code” and “DNA” (Digital National Alliance) and we are more than grateful taking the opportunity to protect our future- the children.n

In relation to that we were invited to comment on the news on Monday (27.08.2015) evening as well. This time the topic was related to another currently evolving threat – reaching from distance new generation vehicles via their computer system. This way of stealing cars has made it easy for criminals, not leaving any visible traces or damage on the vehicle. Opening doors, starting the engine, even driving without any efforts has been shown on various videos on the Internet the last weeks.

Our advice is to use only certified and authorized versions of software, conduct all necessary updates and recently to check for their availability. Managing the secure configurations for all devises is crucial. The official car dealers/representatives have also made the owners and future byers aware of the emerging risk, while performing vulnerably/ automated assessment and remediation.

You can learn more about the cyber hygiene in the following video extract form the main daily news on BTV channel (in Bulgarian language):