International Cyber Policy Summit in Austria

Finedays Ltd. has joined the International Cyber Policy summit targeting the digital fraud and overhauling the security thinking. The main issue was self assessment which can be used by small and medium enterprises in order to estimate the risk of cyber-attacks. Companies usually behave passive until they were impacted by the breach and even the small amounts of stolen/ lost data can become costly in the future. This can also lead to withdrawal of current and new clients, by destroying the good reputation of the company and the need to gain trust again from the very beginning.

Professors and representatives from Oxford University held presentations on the same topic covering as many as possible aspects related to the united fraud prevention.

We have supported the mission of the community to contribute locally in Bulgaria and the Balkans with our project dedicated to the Digital hygiene in high school. The initiative was well welcomed and we have gathered additional insights to our current educational plans. Mr. Ian R Mabbott- International Cyber Director of UKTI Defence and Security Organisation has strongly supported us and admired our volunteering. We have discussed the importance of providing accurate information about the emerging risks and bring to the youth conceptual thinking- when and how safely to use Internet. Protection of personal information and the usage of multiple (smart devises) has increased the hacking drastically and even though it stands against the frequency of expenditure we had to point out the growing threats.  We are looking forward meeting new students and understand their Internet habits. Only real commitment can give us safe environment were our children are “digitally” existent.