Finedays for fine days

We established Finedays with a vision that the next generation IT solutions are systems integrating the data flow and business logic, but always with IT Security in mind.

Led by this vision, in a very short period of time our enterprise partners realized that the team knowledge and flexibility are more important than its size. We won the trust and within an year period we are already operating over the whole South Balkans and Turkey regions providing our partners with tailored, state-of-art and on the edge of innovation, highly competitive and fast IT solutions and IT designs.

With open minded approach, we are building technology bridges on foundation of trust and security. Bringing the experience from the classic 20 century model to the new IT environment, we are delivering complete solution and consultancy about technology and market transitions – keeping them open but also secure.

Since we mentioned that the security is an inseparable part of the new IT system process, we can state our commitment on testing and when required certifying the final product against well-known security standards.

Finedays successfully completed several PCI-DSS pre-audits and we were the first getting the PCI-DSS ver.3 certified solution in Turkey ever.

We are the trusted partner, the security and PCI-DSS consultant and the team you want to delegate the process of business integration and data management. We will develop for you custom software solutions when needed or customize from small to enterprise level ready business instruments, based on your unique business model and requirements.

We are here to bring you The Finedays approach with the ace team and specialists. We are here to ensure fine days for you and your business by bringing your focus on the business itself.