VISA Digital Days 2015 Bucharest, Romania

Finedays was part of the summit VISA Digital Days 2015, which took place in Bucharest, Romania. We were seen as a company presenting innovative and functional solution based on a niche personal payment devices- mPOS. The obtainable solution reveals a complete service cycle – Mobile PIN pad terminal, connected to a smart device (tablet of phone), payment platform and application both for the merchant and the customer.

Our solution was presented from Petar Krilchev, Manager VISA Bulgaria, as a good example of an outstanding, effective and complete mPOS platform. Manufacturers and business representatives found the presentation very thought-provoking and brought the discussion to the next generation payment methods and systems.

Such event would not be comprehensive enought without the emerging matter of data security and exposure to threats of every new payment technology. Main topics were IoT, WEB, biometrics, etc. The interest in those brand new payment solutions grows coherently with the interest in security breaches and hacker attacks.
The conclusion to include and apply security standards into legal frameworks was taken into consideration.

As essential accent were presented VISA’s innovative approaches to payment services – BuyNow, PayAndClick, PayAndPick, etc.