Paywizard - a story on the road to PCI DSS

We discovered Paywizard Company in the latest days of May when we were preparing to pass our first PCI-DSS 3.0 certification.

As we were exploring the payment industry and trends and looking for a local partner that can understand the importance of the security, than Paywizard active team got in focus in one of the meetings we participated in Istanbul, Turkey.

We were almost ready with the pre-audit documentation and system readiness, so we were open to share the approach and understanding of what was done. Paywizard paid attention to all details and it was clear that they were already into PCI-DSS and were in depth aware regarding the importance of the security.

This meeting started a road to the PCI-DSS establishing a new and effective approach to PCI-DSS and IT security consulting in Turkey.Since our first meeting and in less than an year we have more than 10 audited and compliant to the standard customers.

If you are interested to learn more about the PCI-DSS approach, FineDays can offer to your company PCI-DSS pre-auditing partnership or just IT security and vulnerability checkup.

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