Mikrosaray- our first client

Finedays is rapidly growing IT Security consulting and crafted business data solutions provider.

The company was established in August, 2014. Our first client was Mikrosaray - Turkish cash register importer. Due to the new fiscal cash register law in Turkey all cash registers of every manufacturer or importer should operate connected to Trusted Service Manager(TSM) - an infrastructure of servers and network devices that is managing all of the communication and online services of the cash registers. Since the TSM has to provide secure communication channel to banks services, it is mandatory to be PCI-DSS certified. We designed the entire infrastructure and developed all the services in compliance with the PCI-DSS standard and our client was successfully certified in September.

Mikrosaray had the first TSM with PCI-DSS certificate in Turkey and our service become recognized in the sector. Shortly after we performed successful PCI-DSS consulting for two new valuable clients:  Infoteks and Profilo - biggest so far, with 700, 000 cash registers working on the market.

Being able to provide quality and accurate expert service, has brought us more customers within the banking sector. Until now we had performed six PCI-DSS scans of TEB services and we have consulted the BKM for their secure remote key injection compliable with the latest requirements by VISA. Our business network is rapidly growing and from 15th of January until 18th we held the First Security and IT Business summit for the South Balkans with participants from: Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Norway.

Few projects are in development since the summit, with main focus of data integration in the financial and payment industries.