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Profilo & Infoteks PCI DSS Audits

Our continuous work with manufacturers of fiscal devices, combined with PCI Wizard methodology led us to our next PCI DSS audits in Ankara, Turkey. Infoteks and Profilo are leading companies in the field of electronic devices, fiscal devices, POS software and payment solutions. Those audits guaranteed solid current infrastructure and new secure centers for their services.Crucial here is not the significance of the reserve center itself, which is identical copies of the main, but the understanding of the client towards PCI DSS security approach.

Systematically discussed topics on the training sessions where: What are the requirements of PCI DSS standard? How to deal correctly with the mandatory documentation? How to handle each client’s documentation?

PCI DSS compliance is not only a heavy process, but valuable client dedication, based on data protection.

PCI DSS standard is one step closer to everyone, which is our mission and social engagement, while guaranteeing save payment process to nowadays’ “smart” people. Each web based payment platform which is PCI DSS certified minimizes the risk of breaches and stealing personal (credit/ debit card) data close to zero.

The audits were successfully completed and Finedays Ltd. granted its role as a main partner to the second biggest PCI DSS auditor in Turkey. Our competences in the field of fiscal devices and cash registers makes us the desired consultancy provider and this is a circumstance we are more than grateful to underline. 

International Cyber Policy Summit in Austria

Finedays Ltd. has joined the International Cyber Policy summit targeting the digital fraud and overhauling the security thinking. The main issue was self assessment which can be used by small and medium enterprises in order to estimate the risk of cyber-attacks. Companies usually behave passive until they were impacted by the breach and even the small amounts of stolen/ lost data can become costly in the future. This can also lead to withdrawal of current and new clients, by destroying the good reputation of the company and the need to gain trust again from the very beginning.

Professors and representatives from Oxford University held presentations on the same topic covering as many as possible aspects related to the united fraud prevention.

We have supported the mission of the community to contribute locally in Bulgaria and the Balkans with our project dedicated to the Digital hygiene in high school. The initiative was well welcomed and we have gathered additional insights to our current educational plans. Mr. Ian R Mabbott- International Cyber Director of UKTI Defence and Security Organisation has strongly supported us and admired our volunteering. We have discussed the importance of providing accurate information about the emerging risks and bring to the youth conceptual thinking- when and how safely to use Internet. Protection of personal information and the usage of multiple (smart devises) has increased the hacking drastically and even though it stands against the frequency of expenditure we had to point out the growing threats.  We are looking forward meeting new students and understand their Internet habits. Only real commitment can give us safe environment were our children are “digitally” existent.


Regional Cybersecurity Summit in Bucharest

On May 11-13, the Romanian Ministry for Informational Society along with the US Department of Commerce and the US Embassy’s Commercial Service organized a Regional Cybersecurity Summit at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest. The summit gathered together companies and government officials, public and private sector cybersecurity specialists from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, United States of America and Romania.

Finedays Ltd. took the opportunity to participate in the forum in order to broaden our knowledge in this domain and as well to exchange good practices with other professionals.

The most discussed topics were the current trends in cybercrime, the way of avoiding and analyzing the risks.

We were welcomed from Romanian Premier Victor Ponta and US Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrew as part of the official visit. The bilateral talks with US companies and solution providers have been more than expedient for our experts, as they have dedicated all their efforts and activities preventing cybercrime. We have established good partnerships with companies, executing fiscal devices security and smart systems management. 


CIBPAY PCI DSS pre audit

We are proud to announce the successful pre-audit for PCI-DSS certification of CIBPAY. CIBPAY is a Turkish company, based in Istanbul, but providing its services over the whole country. Being able to gain trust and recognition CIBPAY have chosen the way to PCI-DSS certification. In other terms the way of doing business has led us to the question, wheatear is save to use online services to manage payments and wallets or we rather use the old fashion alternative of the banking system. Well, when your provider has obtained its transactions to the highest security and froud prevented standards, there is no doubt. Rapid payments without any risk for your card and payment details.

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Mikrosaray- our first client

Finedays is rapidly growing IT Security consulting and crafted business data solutions provider.

The company was established in August, 2014. Our first client was Mikrosaray - Turkish cash register importer. Due to the new fiscal cash register law in Turkey all cash registers of every manufacturer or importer should operate connected to Trusted Service Manager(TSM) - an infrastructure of servers and network devices that is managing all of the communication and online services of the cash registers. Since the TSM has to provide secure communication channel to banks services, it is mandatory to be PCI-DSS certified. We designed the entire infrastructure and developed all the services in compliance with the PCI-DSS standard and our client was successfully certified in September.

Mikrosaray had the first TSM with PCI-DSS certificate in Turkey and our service become recognized in the sector. Shortly after we performed successful PCI-DSS consulting for two new valuable clients:  Infoteks and Profilo - biggest so far, with 700, 000 cash registers working on the market.

Being able to provide quality and accurate expert service, has brought us more customers within the banking sector. Until now we had performed six PCI-DSS scans of TEB services and we have consulted the BKM for their secure remote key injection compliable with the latest requirements by VISA. Our business network is rapidly growing and from 15th of January until 18th we held the First Security and IT Business summit for the South Balkans with participants from: Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Norway.

Few projects are in development since the summit, with main focus of data integration in the financial and payment industries. 


Paywizard - a story on the road to PCI DSS

We discovered Paywizard Company in the latest days of May when we were preparing to pass our first PCI-DSS 3.0 certification.

As we were exploring the payment industry and trends and looking for a local partner that can understand the importance of the security, than Paywizard active team got in focus in one of the meetings we participated in Istanbul, Turkey.

We were almost ready with the pre-audit documentation and system readiness, so we were open to share the approach and understanding of what was done. Paywizard paid attention to all details and it was clear that they were already into PCI-DSS and were in depth aware regarding the importance of the security.

This meeting started a road to the PCI-DSS establishing a new and effective approach to PCI-DSS and IT security consulting in Turkey.Since our first meeting and in less than an year we have more than 10 audited and compliant to the standard customers.

If you are interested to learn more about the PCI-DSS approach, FineDays can offer to your company PCI-DSS pre-auditing partnership or just IT security and vulnerability checkup.

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